What Is IT Infrastructure and What Are Its Components?


Development of a rustic depends pretty much on the provision of its infrastructural facilities. the event of agriculture and business depends alone on its infrastructure. while not having a sound infrastructural base a rustic cannot develop its economy. additional vital and tough job within the development method of the country is to produce the essential infrastructural facilities.

These infrastructural facilities embody numerous economic and social overhead viz., Energy (Coal, Oil, Electricity), Irrigation, Transportation and Communication, Banking, Finance and Insurance, Science and Technology and different social overheads like education, health and hygiene.

All these facilities collectively represent the infrastructure of the country. Like different countries, the {developmental|organic method|biological process} process of Republic of India place abundant stress on the expansion of infrastructure.

In this affiliation Dr. V.K.R.V. Rao discovered, "The link between infrastructure and development isn't a once for all affair. it's